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An awesome mix of music to suit everyone's tastes. From cheese downstairs, to a selection of sick DJs upstairs! A dungeon, a hot tub out on the roof terrace and a number of different play rooms. A really relaxed and fun atmosphere with lots of opportunities for dancing, silly fun times and play.

We just want everyone to feel comfortable (or not, if that's your thing) and have an awesome time. We want great music, kink and rude things to bring people together.

Great opportunity for newbies/curious folk to have a peep into the world of kink, because we're all shiny happy friendly people and we do usually get some very talented and experienced people through the door.

As always there will be a live set from Pierrot the Acid Clown and a handful of other DJs to tantalise your ear holes.

There is a licensed bar at the venue. Feel free to bring snacks.

Rule are rules and if you break them, you'll be asked to leave because we're only interested in happy fun silly times.

Be nice - Not everyone who attends Spank You! is in to kink or even swinging (because of the music element - although we only book people that we know are friendly, lovely and open minded) So we can all be nice and party together.

No means no - A simple one, if someone's not feeling it, you shouldn't be feeling them. If a door is shut, people don't want you to see. If a door is open, have a look but be respectful of people's scenes and don't join into anything uninvited.

https://daretoswing.co.uk - There are some rooms to stay over at the venue for about £30 :)